5 Amazing Safari Animals of Uganda

Often times wildlife documentaries show common wildlife such as lions, leopard, elephant, antelopes, zebra, giraffe and the wildebeest among others. Regardless, it is enjoyable to watch the leopard stalk its prey through the thickets until it finally gets the chance to pounce and grab it. As you imagine how this happens in the wild or perhaps you have been lucky enough to see such a scene in the African wilderness, there is much more than this; an encounter of the majestic mountain gorilla, closely watch man’s closest cousins-the chimps in their original home and enjoy the quick jumps of the golden monkeys from tree to tree on the slopes of Mgahinga volcanoes.  

Along with the incredible wildlife diversity, Uganda is An African safari destination with the endangered, large and big population animals plus those with unique behavior. In this article, we have put together the top 5 amazing animals to look out for on your upcoming safari.

The tree climbing lion

best places to see lions in Uganda

African lions are the only true social cats on the continent and they will often be spotted in groups of at least more than three. While lions can often be spotted in many parts of Africa, Uganda amazes with tree climbing lions. This phrase seems a little strange but yes, this can be encountered easily in Uganda. The population of tree climbing lions is found in the Ishasha sector in the south of Queen Elizabeth national park. Although lions are believed to climb trees, it is not expected to be a common behavior as it is in Ishasha. While on a game drive in the mid-morning, lions are spotted lazing on branches of fig trees. Tree climbing lions are one of the most interesting safari animals tourists meet in Uganda.  You can book a safari to Queen Elizabeth national park and get chance to encounter these extremely rare lions.

Mountain gorilla

Mountain gorillas are something you just need to watch in reality if you want to know how amazing the African wild is. Recorded as endangered, mountain gorillas can only be found in Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC and Uganda has the biggest population of all these three countries. Mountain gorillas can only survive in their natural habitat, therefore they are only found in the above three safari destinations. They are man’s second closest relatives with a 98% DNA identical to humans. The giant fascinating primate species live in families, protecting one another, moving in their specific groups and taking care of the young ones together; this is what you see during gorilla trekking safari in Bwindi forest park.


Uganda’s chimps are exciting in away high level. With three major destinations to see these primates in their natural habitat in Uganda, the chimps there have charming characteristics; playful, photogenic and noisy. Chimpanzees are the closest cousins to humans sharing a DNA of 98.7%. This is the reason they have a close likeness to man; how they feed, express their anger, sit and even some of their body parts like fingers. Choosing to track chimpanzees in Uganda gives a chance to spot a big family in a short period of time yet in their natural home- the tropical Kibale Forest national park.

While it can be hectic to go through the forest looking for the apes, the experience is rewarding. You will enjoy every bit of the one hour watching the chimps go on with their daily forest chores.

Golden monkey

You would be right to say that golden monkeys are the most beautiful monkey specie, with a gorgeous appearance-bright colored fur with long golden hair mixed with yellow-orange. Uganda’s golden monkeys are more fit and will amazingly jump from one branch to another faster than you can imagine. In Uganda, golden monkeys can be seen in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

African elephant

The elephant is one of the Big Five and among the most exciting animals that tourists want to sight. Although they are somewhat common to spot in a safari destination like Uganda, every sighting seems like first time to see the huge mammal. Watching a herd of elephants, protective of the little ones moving from the middle of the group is a big thrill while on an African safari. These amazing safari animals can be seen in Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park and Kidepo valley national park.

Here you have it! If you were wondering what kind of safari animals that could make your Uganda safari remarkable, these will surely do incredible. To book for a Uganda safari, contact us through info@ugandasafaribookings.com or speak to our travel consultants through +256-700135510/ +256-414699459