Camping Safaris

Camping in Uganda

Camping is one of the of best way to travel economically and delight in an ultimate true experience of the African jungle. With our exceptional services, book a camping safari in any of the fascinating national parks of Uganda. This is the best way you will feel and explore the wonders of the African Wilderness. Camping accommodation ranges from tented temporary camps, to semi-permanent tented cottages therefore book in time and select your favorite.

Camping safaris in Uganda are organized in forest reserves, national parks, as well as Towns. We provide high-class camping equipment that will allow you to delight in an unforgettable safari experience. In case you are planning a camping safari in Uganda and would love to book camping gear , please don’t hesitate to contact our professional reservation team by sending an email at or call us now on +256-700135510 to reserve your safari now.

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