Jinja Town

Jinja Town

Sitting along the shores of Lake Victoria in the South Eastern part of Uganda in Busoga sub-region with a very gorgeous and wonderful natural setting is Jinja town, the third largest economy of the East African Community. The main inhabitants of the network are the Basoga and the main local language spoken is Lusoga.

The name “Jinja” was developed by the British from “Ejinjja,” a Luganda word to mean “Stone/flat rocks” and the area was initially called “the place of rocks” or “the place of flat rocks.” These rock formations provided a natural moderator for the water flow out of Lake Victoria and for the local inhabitants, the area was a crossing point for trade, migration and also a fishing point. Currently, these rocks disappeared under the waters of Lake Victoria.

Tourist Attractions.
Jinja town is an attractive sight-seeing destination for tourists with many attractions which include the source of the Nile as it begins its long journey towards the North with a very beautiful scenery ambience, the famous Bujagali falls which is not only an awesome scenery but also a perfect spot for white water lovers as they enjoy photography at the falls, the Nile breweries under the South African Breweries which is found in a suburb of Jinja called Njeru near the source of the Nile, Owen falls dam which was constructed in 1952 with an impressive structure, the source of the Nile garden which is one of the most beautiful places in the whole world where the tourists will enjoy a tremendous view of the source of the Nile, the Bidco International Oil refining Company which processes palm oil into edible oil and other products, Kira Motor Corporation a local startup car company with an aim of setting up the first car manufacturing company in Uganda, Kira power station which is an extension of Nalubaale power station cable of producing 200 megawatts of Hydro Electric Power at maximum utilization, the Kakira sugar works which manufacture sugar and are among the main local employers in Jinja and many others. On your way to Jinja, you will also get a chance to view the approximately 30,000 hectares Mabira forest in Mukono district which serves as a reserve to protect the natural rainforest rare plant and wildlife species.

Top Safari Activities.
Also known as “the adventure capital of East Africa,” Jinja has many activities that are engaged in and enjoyed by tourists which include white water rafting along river Nile, bungee jumping, Horseback safaris along the River Nile banks, mountain biking where the tourists can explore the backpackers in Jinja, Boat cruises, Bird watching at any time of the day, fishing trips where the target fish species include the Nile perch, tilapia, yellow fish and cat fish, big goal mini golf done at All Terrain Facilities, an African themed golf course, terrain adventures for example the ATV quadbike safaris and many others. The tourists can also have a city walk around Jinja where they can visit the Golf club, Yacht club, the beautiful restaurants and hotels with delicious cuisines of all kinds and also Jinja’s center can be explored on foot during the walk.

Jinja has various accommodation facilities which enable the tourists to relax, freshen-up and get some rest comfortably which include the Nile Resort Hotel, Cool Breeze Hotel, Sunset Hotel and many more.

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