Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi

Incredibly magical, stunningly beautiful translated as the “place of birds,” Lake Bunyonyi is one of the natural wonders of the world and Uganda’s top most God-given treasures, a must-see place before you die. It is located in the South Western part of Uganda near the Rwandan border between Kabale and Kisoro districts with Kyevu and Muko towns on its shores. It has a depth estimated to vary between 44m(144ft) and 900m(3,000ft) which qualifies it as the second deepest lake in Africa and is one of the few lakes in the region rumored to be free of Bilharzia.

Lake Bunyonyi has 29 islands scattered incredibly across its waters each with its own shape and size and their sight amazingly reinvents after every one or two hours because the climate and direction of the sun are ever changing that is to say in the morning, these islands weave through cotton-like streams of mist, in the afternoon they disappear in the warm gentle glow of the sun and later they are silhouetted against the dim sky as the evening approaches. Interestingly, all these islands are associated with different legends for example the punishment island (Akampene) on which the girls who got pregnant before marriage were punished as they were left there to die of hunger or drown while trying to swim to the mainland because by then swimming skills were very rare and this would be a lesson to the rest. Other islands include Bushara island with a striking forest which is a demonstration of the most appealing attribute of the exceptionally fast growing eucalyptus tree, the Kyahugye island which is nearest to the mainland and is beautifully surrounded by a strip of reeds interspersed with papyrus, Bacuranuka (upside down) island also with a legend that says it killed many people and others.


Lake Bunyonyi is known as one of the few lakes in Uganda that are free from Bilharzia and also has no dangerous animals like crocodiles and hippos which makes its waters safe for swimming. Inexperienced swimmers however need to take caution due to its depth as it is the second deepest in Africa.

Canoeing / Boating.
On these waters, canoes are the commonest mode of transport and these include both motorized and non-motorized boats which can also be rented. These rides enable you to explore the 29 beautiful islands on the lake as you hop from one to another and can be done for a few hours or all day long.

Interactive community walks.
Here, you will encounter the different settlements on the shores of the lake accompanied by a guide for example the Batwa pygmies who will give you a music and dance performance.

Nature walks & Hiking.
With various hiking trails to the islands, a local guide will lead you through the terraces where you will have beautiful views of the landscapes and even spot some wildlife like zebras, monkeys and others including the aquatic animals.

Bird watching
Lake Bunyonyi is a great birding destination and like its name says, it is a “place of little birds” with abundant species that is to say over 200 and with the help of a guide, you can spot several of them including the herons, weaver birds, grey crowned cranes and many others.

Mountain biking.
You can ride along the shores of the lake on a mountain bike where you will enjoy the scenery and can be done all day long or for a few hours accompanied by a guide who will help you identify some the scenery.

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