River Nile Uganda

The Nile is an international river located in north east Africa that has served as a great tourist destination over years to many travelers on their Uganda safari as it is commonly known to be the longest river in the world, and Jinja, a city in Uganda hosts the source of this great river. This river’s basin covers a number of countries which include Tanzania, Rwanda, democratic republic of Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, south Sudan, republic of Sudan but it is majorly based in Uganda and Egypt. The White and Blue Nile are the main tributes of the Nile and these meet in Khartoum the capital city of Sudan, but the white Nile is longer and the bigger part of it is found in Uganda, the pearl of Africa.

River Nile has a drainage basin of about 3,400,000 square kilometers and has a total length of about 6,853 kilometers which ends as a delta that pours in the Mediterranean Sea. On your Uganda Safari, you will encounter various wild life species that find home in and along the river Nile and some of them include hippopotami, crocodiles, frogs, different fish types and tortoises. You will also encounter different bird species singing along the calm Nile waters like African darter, yellow billed kite, common bulbul, Grey crowned crane, African grey hornbill, marabou stock. The lush green vegetation along the Nile is another adventure of its own together with the cold breeze and freshness of breath felt each day, these all spice up your Uganda safari along the Nile.

One of the reasons behind the fame of Uganda is the fact that it hosts the source of this longest river Nile which is located in Jinja, the adventure capital of East Africa and John Speke was the first European to discover it. The Ripon falls found in north Lake Victoria pour into a narrow gorge and this is the point referred to as the source of river Nile and you can reach this particular point on a boat cruise while at Jinja. The number of activities carried out along the river Nile will also spice up your Uganda safaris and these include boat cruising, birding, white water rafting, kayaking, fishing, camping, water skiing, canoeing and many others.

There are a number of water falls on river Nile to enjoy on your Uganda safaris and these include Ripon falls and Bujagali falls where you will enjoy the gushing sounds of water as they find their way. The famous Owen falls dam also known as Nalubaale hydroelectric power station and the Bujagali power station are the main energy suppliers of the country producing a total of 180MW and 200MW respectively and these are wonderful places to visit on your Uganda safaris a there is a high level of technology.

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