The Beauty Of Mbale Town

Mbale is a famous city located in Eastern Uganda on the boarder of Uganda at approximately 245 kilometers away from Kampala, the capital and largest city of Uganda. The town is also the main administrative center of the whole Mbale district and homes the main city headquarters. Mbale can be a good spot for your cultural tour as it is mainly inhabited by the Bagisu tribe who are known for their famous cultural circumcision locally known as ‘Imbalu’ as well as other cultural practices. They have a number of local foods that you cannot miss to taste and these include Malewa (smoked bamboo shoot), sweet potatoes, ground nuts, millet and many more. The inhabitants mainly carry out farming as a major economic activity in which you can actively participate during your cultural tour. The crops grown include millet, simsim, beans, potatoes among others. The Bagisu also have interesting music, dance and drama and this includes their famous dance locally known as ‘Kadodi’ which they perform on different occasions like marriage ceremonies

Several tourists also find Mbale interesting due to the presence of mountain Elgon, the 7th highest mountain in Africa which is a great deal to hikers. The Semei Kakungulu hill is also an interesting one for hiking and this is indeed convenient even for the first time climbers as it needs less energy.

Health wise, the town has Mbale regional referral hospital, a 400 bed hospital that provides good health services to districts of Mbale, Buikwe, Butalejja, Pallisa, Sironko, Budaka, Tororo, Bukwa as the main referral hospital together with other health centers like CURE children’s hospital, so you do not have to worry about where to go in case of any unhealthiness while in Mbale.

The city also hosts a number of education centers like Busitema University, Islamic university in Uganda, Livingstone international university, Uganda martyrs university Mbale campus, Mbale School of clinical officers and many primary and secondary schools, so Mbale contributes a lot to the education sector of the country.

Do not forget to include Mbale in your cultural tour itinerary for it has a lot to discover and for mountain climbers, Mbale is still the place to go, just contact us on email for the best cultural safari or call +256700135510 to speak to the reservations team.