Best 4×4 car for Camping Safaris In Uganda

tourist land cruiser

 Camping is among the astounding key adventure here in the Pearl of Africa. This outdoor activity gives you chance to spend amazing nights in the jungle destinations in the tent and the experience is combined with a campfire jazzy, the singing birds calling in the early mornings, colds nights plus other impressive sounds of the jungle wildlife. Thus it is one of a great opportunities to have a joint safari adventure with your loved ones, friend or family and we guarantee you long-lasting memories of a lifetime. However, to enhance you camping safari in Uganda, you need a perfect 4×4 safari car that will enhance you delight in an amazing road trip.

Camper cruiser

This is one of the most common camping vehicles hired for park tours and it has been designed for adventure experience. It has the capacity to carry about 7 passengers featuring flexible seats with enough leg room space thus with this kind of car we assure you ultimate comfort on your tour. It is built with an open pop up roof which is great ideal for sight seeing plus clear wildlife viewing in the park.

Safari Van

The customized safari van is a mid sized car and perfect suit for your camping experience in Uganda, this car seats about 8 people, it has a pop up roof and it is most commonly hired for group tours or family road trips. With its well spaced seats, expect enjoy a comfortable road-trip with enough cargo space. You have a chance to put some of your luggage in the roof rack.


This a small 4×4 car that can accommodate 2 to 4 passengers, if you are a family looking for an small safari vehicle to use for your camping tour this season then a Rav4 can be great ideal car for your adventure. A Rav4 is one of the most affordable safari vehicle that can help you to save some dollars, it has enough space, flexible seats with enough leg room, air conditioning system among other impressive features.

Safari Land Cruiser

A safari land cruiser is the most common and oldest 4×4  Safari, well designed to favor all sorts of safari adventure including the camping tours. It is built with  an open roof for clear sight seeing, a cooler box, a fascinating interior vehicle and it has a strong exterior body which has the ability to manage all road conditions thus it is one best 4×4 fit for your next camping road trip.

Planning a camping trip and would love to hire a 4×4 car + camping gear rental in Uganda for that safe and comfortable road trip, then the above rental cars will do the job. Please feel free to get in touch with our travel experts by sending an email on or call us directly on +256-700135510/ +256-414699459 to speak directly to our customer care personnel.