European Union to Partner With Uganda Tourism Sector

The European union delegates showed interest in working with the tourism sector in Uganda, making it part of their set goals for four years commencing 2022/25, officials stated it in a press conference shared by Uganda Tourism Board on May 9 2022.

The announcement came immediately when the European union started a new financial framework for its grant funding and making arrangements to bring different financial institutions together in the post Covid-19 period.

European Union Ready to Work with the Tourism sector in Uganda - Guide 2  Uganda

The European union delegation in Uganda geared by Marijnissen Chantel the leader of unit-Environment and Sustainable Natural Resources and Directorate-General for International Partnerships [DG INTPA], delegate Nadia Connono plus others met at the Uganda Tourism Board Head Offices in Kampala and made this announcement.

The European delegation was welcomed by the Uganda Tourism Board chairman Daudi Migereko plus other Uganda Tourism Board officials. They discussed on the opportunities for nature-based tourism and Uganda’s post covid-19 plans for tourism development.

Uganda Tourism Board Daudi Migereko appreciated the European Union for supporting Uganda especially in the areas that have great positive impact on Uganda’s economy hence transforming many Ugandan lives.

The chairman UTB showed optimism in relation with this co-operation and accompanied opportunities should help Ugandans to get the European source market conveniently.

Marijnissen Chantel said “Based on the 2022/24 framework and policies that we have designed for Uganda’s tourism sector; we are majorly looking at the protected areas, climate change, supporting tourism host communities among others.”

Since then up to date tourism is the leading fastest growing industry in earned over 1.6 billion in 2019 and accounting 7.7% of the national GDP.

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