Safety Precautions to Follow On Safari This COVID Season

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Before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people had already booked their future trips. However, tour operators like Mumwe Global Safaris were advising them to reschedule their trips instead of canceling. When we started operation, ensuring the safety plus the wellbeing of all travelers, staff, the community as well as the ongoing conservation of our ecosystem is our number one priority. 

In line with the SOPs as recommended by the World Health Organization, in this article, we are glad to present to you the safety precautions to follow when on a safari in Uganda this Covid19 Season;

Online Booking

After finding a trustworthy tour operator, you will need to make a deposit of 30% to confirm your trip. For the We advise travelers to utilize online money transfer modules like Pesapal, Paypay or you can wire directly from your account.

Decide where you want to go on safari

It is important to always decide what country you would love explore on your visit to Africa. Initially before Covid-19 situation, East African countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania were safe and unique destinations to visit. These pride in offering amazing wildlife, unique cultural experiences as well as astounding landscape beauty adventure among other impressive tourists’ attractions. Apparently, these are not normal times, therefore you need to consider the impact of coronavirus, the safety guidelines and travel ability.

Always stay in the Safari Van, Truck or 4WD

We advise travelers to stay in the safari car while on a game viewing adventure in the savannah parks. Wild animals in the national parks and reserves of Africa are not as tamed as those in the Zoos. Therefore, they can eat or attack you.  There have been various cases reported where tourists try to get out to take clear perfect photos and they end up being victims.

Listen to instructions from the tour Guide

It is important to note that not every situation can be safe, we therefore advise tourists to pay attentions to the guide instructions while on a safari.

Social Distancing

We have designed our itineraries with social distancing which is one of the key factors considered to reduce the spread of the Covid19 Virus. Social distancing is maintained throughout end of the safari to ensure that you are protected.

Use travel insurances

Apparently, many insurers have included Covid19 among their travel insurance packages. This covers various countries; therefore, it is important to purchase a travel insurance deal that covers the Covid19 related incidents.

Book an exclusive private vehicle

This helps you to reduce the risks of being exposed to Covid-19 incidents. We advise travelers to think of private transport while planning their safaris in Africa. this can be self drive vehicles or a chauffeur with an exceptional driver guide from a genuine tour operator.

In case you are planning an African Safari this season, travel safely by booking with Mumwe Global safaris. On your trip, we value the safety of all our travelers without compromising on the quality of your safari experience. To book with us, simply get in touch with our professional reservation team sending an email on or call us now on +256-700135510 to speak to our customer care personnel.