Best Time to Visit Uganda

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If you are planning to travel to Africa, Uganda is one of the places you ought not to miss visiting. It is a great African safari destination that stands for an outstanding yet unexplored wildlife offering impressive wildlife tours around the numerous national parks across the country. Uganda has a rich wildlife variety in these nature reserves including the endangered mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys, lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes and lots of antelopes among others. Its endless wonders encompass a huge checklist of birds including rare species like the shoebill stork.

Well known as the Pearl of Africa, the country boasts a warm weather, lovely scenery and very hospitable local people that make travel around the country easy, wonderful and memorable. Uganda is an all year-round destination but with the best time to visit being its two dry seasons when the weather conditions are favorable for most tourist activities such as wildlife viewing, gorilla trekking, chimp tracking and hiking among others.

If you a planning to do a Uganda safari adventure this season , we present to you the best time to visit the country inoder for you to get a comfortable experience worth your money and time.

June-September and December-February

This is also known as the high or peak season because it comes with lots of travelers into the country. They are warm and dry months with little or no rain. It is the best time to visit all safari parks in Uganda. Activities like mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga national park and chimp tracking in Kibale national park, Budongo forest and Kalinzu forest are at their peak since the trails are dry and easy to move through. Those interested in trekking are therefore advised to book their gorilla permits long in advance. Game viewing is also best during this season because big herds of animals are spotted on shores of waterbodies. This dry season is as well good for mountain climbing; the effects of rain, mud and cold can be very strenuous on the body if you go hiking during the rainy season. Despite the fact that these are high seasons, the parks hardly get over crowded.

However, lodges and hotels close to the safari parks are fully booked and their prices are slightly higher.

These two seasons are also great moments for white water rafting in Jinja as the water levels are normal and the weather is friendly.

March-May and October-November

March to May is the short rainy season and is characterized with heavy rain while the long rainy season is from October to November (not so much rain). These are also called the low seasons. Some roads, forest trails and hiking trails on mountains are in poor condition and cars especially those that are non 4WD often get stuck. During these wet seasons, savannah parks flourish, become very green and also get water pools, the animals therefore move to any places including inaccessible areas hence being rarely seen during game drives.

May to March experiences much rainfall and sometimes flooding and water levels at the Nile significantly increase limiting activities including white water rafting and boat cruise on the river.

Bird watching can be done in any of the seasons though it is at its best from May through September when rains are little and food is abundant.

In October and November, it is possible to visit national parks and engage in wildlife viewing on days when there is no rain. Rainforests are wet but good news is that the skies brighten up after the rains. Therefore, primate trekking can still be done though the trails may be muddy and slippery which is yet another experience that some adventurers would love to enjoy. Purchased gorilla permits are not canceled because of the weather, the activity still goes on after the rain.

Tourists are few during this season (low season) and lodges near safari parks reduce their rates. It makes the best time for people who wish to travel on tight budgets.

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