Important Items to pack for a Safari in Uganda

Packing List For African Safari

What to pack for a safari in Uganda depends on which safari activity you are going to participate in as well as the safari destination you are visiting. However, we advise that after confirming Uganda safari trip, you need to inquire from your tour operator that safari gears required for your safari and give you a chance to exceptional experiences.

Here are some of the items you need to pack if you want a comfortable and safe safari tour in Uganda

Hut and Sunglasses

This is to protect your head and eyes from heat of the direct sun rays especially during the dry season or either a game drive or gorilla trekking experience.

Gum boots and gloves

Activities like gorilla trekking, chimp trekking and mountain hiking require you to carry light strong gum boots to ease movement in the forest jungle while trekking. The gloves will protect your hands from jams as you try to support yourself on plant trees along the walking trails.

Safari clothes

This is an item that cuts across especially if planning to visit any national park in Uganda. You need to pack clothes that blend with natural environment. Such as, grey, kahaki, brown, green among others. You don’t need to carry bright colored clothes the draws the attention of the wild animals.

Long sleeved shirts/ tops and trousers

Both ladies and men have got to consider this serious while packing for a trekking experience in Uganda. The long clothes will protect your skin from thorny bushes and wild insect bites while trekking or on a forest nature walks.

Travel insurance documents

These are also as important as your passport and visa document. We advise travelers to acquire a travel insurance policy that covers their entire trip. Therefore, in case of an accident or medical problem you are can easily be helped by presenting your travel insurance documents.

Strong waterproof rain jackets

This can be extremely useful incase to rains while on an activity like chimp or gorilla trekking experience.

Day packer

You will need a day packer bag to carry your lunch box, enough drinking, rain jackets, first aid kit among others. For the gorilla trekking experience, you can hire a porter to assist you with the back packer at an extra fee.

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