Did You Know Uganda’s Aruu Falls

Uganda is a naturally gifted country located in East Africa seated on a total area of about 241,038 square kilometers and having a number of cities but Kampala as the largest and capital city. The beautiful nature of the country allows one to have a great safari in Uganda as it hosts a number of mountains, forests, wildlife, waterfalls and one of these is the Aruu falls. These are located in a forested area at about 47Km from Gulu in northern Uganda, particularly in Pader district along the Gulu–Kitgum high way and indeed a stopover at Aruu falls will spice up your safari in Uganda. The waters flow down the rocks spreading in different lanes like fingers on a hand and rocks are naturally designed as steps which one can climb up while hiking these falls but great care has to be taken during the hiking activity so as not to fall because these rocks are slippery.

Another activity to enjoy for your safari in Uganda at Aruu falls is birding as you can spot a number of birds like the eastern grey plantain eater, weaver birds, Egyptian goose, hornbills, secretary bird, African wagtail and many more that live around water. Also, since these falls are in a forested area, chances are high for you to encounter animals like vervet monkeys and varieties of flora. Aruu falls also give a scenic view for photography with the green surroundings, so you can take as many pictures and videos as possible so as to hold memories. Another activity travelers usually enjoy is swimming in these waters but you do this at your own risk. You will also find others bathing under the falls as they enjoy more adventure.

While at the bottom of the falls, you can have a picnic as you enjoy some lunch under the cold breeze from the waters. The local community is mainly inhabited by the Acholi and Langi people with whom you can interact and get to know more of their customs, dances, drama and their general culture. Since they are mainly farmers, a nature walk to their communities will expose to their farms where you can also participate in different activities like harvesting, pruning or digging offering a great experience for your safari in Uganda.

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