Why You Need To Choose Uganda Safari Adventure

Here below, we provide you a guide on the main reasons why you should choose Uganda as your safari destination, if you are looking for  the best safari destination in Africa.  It is important to note that Uganda is strategically situated in the Eastern African region bordered by countries like , Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, DR. Congo and Burundi.

As known as the Pearl of Africa – Uganda is a rich tourist destination blessed with  many interesting natural wonders and memorable experiences thus making a single visit not enough to explore the best of her motherland to the fullest.

Since Uganda is one of the most interesting African safari destinations, we present to you the most astounding reasons as to why you go for a Uganda Safari;

Diversity of wildlife

Uganda offers a number of unique stunning wildlife found in the various beautiful national parks. Incase you would love to see the big fives animals, Uganda is a perfect safari destination that is ideal for a wildlife tour. Some of the thrilling wildlife animals include; the tree climbing lions at Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National Park, the Rothchild giraffes in Murchison falls national parks, Elands and impalas in Lake Mburo, Golden monkeys in Mgahinga national park and Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park. A game drive in Uganda gives you chance to see the big five animals like the Lions, Leopards, African buffaloes, Elephants, as well the rhinos at Ziwa rhino sanctuary. Other wildlife species include; zebras, Uganda Kobs, Warthogs, Nile Crocodiles, hundreds of Hippos as well as exciting primates.  

Gorilla trekking experience

The gorilla trekking safari experience is one of the most fascinating key attractions in Uganda. Mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda is done in Bwindi Impenetrable national park situated in the southwestern region of Uganda. Bwindi Forest is graced with almost half of the remaining Mountain Gorilla population in the world. The park hosts about 20 habituated gorilla families situated in the different sectors of the Park. To take part in the gorilla trekking experience, you are required to pay for a gorilla permit that costs $700 per person per day per single trek.

Hike to the Rwenzori mountains peaks –  Margherita

Mountain Rwenzori National Park features 5,109 meters peak on mountain Rwenzori which is Africa’s third highest mountain. On your Uganda Safari grab a chance to experience the Margherita peaks. Hiking Mountain Rwenzori, gives you an opportunity to experience the snow caped ranges, groove on the different forests, valleys and flora and fauna among exciting scenic views of the surrounding environment.

Colorful Bird species

If you are a bird lover, Uganda is a perfect birding safari destination that givers birders a rewarding experience. The country ranked as one of the top leading birding destinations in the world home to variety of colorful bird species. Some of the exciting birds in Uganda include, pre-historic shoebill stork, egrets, Fulvous whistling-duck. Yellow-billed duck, Anseriformes  Anatidae,  Coqui francolin, Red-necked francolin, Galliformes Phasianidae, ‎Turacos  ‎Cuckoos  ‎Hawks, eagles, and kites. African barbets Visit Uganda and sight a variety of colorful exciting bird species in the different destinations.

Explore the source of the Nile

Uganda prides in hosting the longest river in the world- river Nile in Jinja district.  The Nile river offers a visitor a number of attractions and activities like white water rafting, kayaking, canoeing and many others.  Besides the longest river, Uganda is also a home to the second largest fresh waterbody in the world- Lake Victoria. The lake offers activities like sport fishing, boat cruises and others.


The pearl of Africa – Uganda is a safe place for tourist especially politically. The country has law and peace makers who make sure that the country is at peace all times. This is a full guarantee that the life and property of the visitor will surely be safe and secure.

Rich and authentic culture

Uganda is a country of many cultural tribes with unique practices for example the Batwa people in the south western direction in Bwindi impenetrable national park. The practices of these people like songs, dances and stories will surely make your safari memorable and unforgettable.


Uganda as country and her citizens are hospitable people. They welcome everyone entering the country regardless of the color, tribe and culture. This makes Uganda a free state to stay in without expecting any danger from anyone.

The weather conditions of Uganda

Uganda is known for her sunny and rainy weathers which do not require anyone to put on heavy warm clothes.  This favorable weather conditions make Uganda the

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