Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori Mountains National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site established in 1991, is located in the Rwenzori mountains also known as the mountains of the moon, South West of Uganda and East of the western Albertine East African Rift Valley bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west. It found in the districts of Bundibugyo, Kabarole and Kasese. Rwenzori Mountains National Park has Africa’s third highest mountain peak that is to say Margherita, many waterfalls, lakes, glaciers and is also known for beautiful plant life.

Activities In Mountain Rwenzori park

Mountain climbing.
A challenging but very adventurous hike on the central circuit trail provides a circular tour of the Rwenzori mountains and usually takes seven days. It starts form the trail-head at Mihunga, through the Bujuku and Mubuku valleys. The Kilembe trail from a trail-head at Kilembe near Kasese town also ascends the southern slopes of the Rwenzori mountains and through the Nyamwamba valley, it joins the central circuit at lake Kitandara which trek is very rewarding as the travelers will pass and view the magnificent glacial lakes and other stunning features.

Nature walks. 
These are full of so much adventure as trails within the central circuit which consist of trails up to lake Mahooma and lake Buraro chimpanzee forest strides will lead the tourists through the communities of Kichwamba where they will arrive at the Karangura ridge and they can also trek to the Bundibugyo region via the Bwomba pass. During the treks, they will see different wildlife species like the squirrels, chameleons, vervet monkeys and diverse bird species. Trekkers can also walk along the shores of the Mubuku river and on a clear day, there are high chances of viewing the spectacular snow-caped Margherita peak.

Rwenzori mountains are home to around 217 bird species making it a suitable destination for birding enthusiasts. Some of the birds to be seen include the Rwenzori Turaco, long-legged owl, sunbirds, bee-eaters, Robins at higher slopes are the Bearded vultures, Swifts, Black eagles and many others.

Cultural encounters.
Tourists will walk through Ruboni village in the foothills of the Rwenzori mountains which village is a home of around 2,000 Bakonjo people, who will demonstrate to the visitors their cooking methods, the way they weave their baskets, tell them interesting stories and also perform a vibrant and very entertaining dance accompanied by lively and very energetic drumming. They will also meet the Bakonjo traditional healer and blacksmith.

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