Common Myths about Travel to Africa and Why They Are Wrong   

Over the years, the rest of the world has been filled with presumed misconceptions about Africa and perhaps the reason for dubbing it “the dark continent”. The negative information portrayed about Africa in the news gives a bad impression of the continent. In addition, from the wars, diseases, poverty and leadership in history, people have kept a negative picture leading to several myths, misconceptions and inaccuracies. To some foreigners, these myths about Africa are a limitation to traveling there. In reality, Africa is an intriguing place with diverse cultures, beautiful landscapes, hospitable people and warm weather. There are lots of interesting things tourists can do on safaris.

 In this article, we are separating fact from misconception to dispel these myths about travel to Africa.

Africa is a country

Africa being thought to be a country is a big stereotype that should be broken. It is rather a continent made up of 54 countries with diverse cultures, geography and politics. The continent boasts vast landscapes which are also borders for several countries, for example the Majestic Mt. Rwenzori at the border of Uganda and the DRC, Mount Elgon at the border of Uganda and Kenya, Mt Karisimbi between Rwanda and the DRC and the East African rift valley running across the borders of the countries in the region. Africa is home to vast grasslands, large deserts, extensive beaches and different types of forests. With these and more, countries in Africa are completely different and can’t be generalized.

Wild animals are all over                        

The belief that Africa is a whole wild place where you come across elephants, lions, hippos and other wild animals everywhere is actually not true. Rather, wild animals live in their natural habitats however much they may occasionally cross to the nearby communities. You will be disappointed if you expect to spot wild animals at the airport as you connect to your destination. Instead, it will be beautifully smiling faces of African young ladies and men all around.

Africa is dangerous

The so called dark continent- Africa is much safer than you can imagine. Despite the on-and-off attacks including the Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al-Shabab in Kenya, Kony movement and the insecurities in the DRC, you can still travel around Africa without any single doubt about your safety. Yes it is true there are some places that are security conscious that you may be advised not to travel through.  This does not make the entire Africa a dangerous place. Travelers are advised to travel with a trusted local operator because they know safe and secure places to visit. Also, you can read about the safety of the travel destinations of your interest on the internet.

It is extremely expensive to travel around Africa

From a tourist’s point of view and luxury traveler in this case, travel around Africa has been perceived to be expensive. One of the reasons is because the continent is thought to be only for safaris. So it is presumed that you need thousands of dollars for your travel around Africa. But this is not true! You can travel around Africa on budget by staying in budget accommodation or mid-range lodges, hire a car for self drive to dodge extra dollars for the safari driver or travel in a group to share some expenses such as the vehicle fee.

Travelling alone in Africa is a high-risk

Due to the misconception that Africa is full of hostile people, wild animals and a dangerous place, people are afraid of traveling around the continent alone. If they share with their people who have never been to Africa about their plans for traveling solo to Africa, all they will get back are terrifying reactions; How! Africa is dangerous! You will get sick! What if you don’t return!

Yes, there are crime offenses and just like all other places, you have to be vigilant and avoid moving in the night. Also, observe SOPs and arm yourself with hand sanitizer, sunscreen and an insect repellent. With the myths the world has about Africa, it is courageous to travel alone in Africa.

Africa is an appealing, fascinating and magical place. It is fantastic to get around the continent with things you can’t do anywhere else such as mountain gorilla trekking and sailing on the longest river- the Nile. Africa has lovely coastlines, beautiful sights, incredible numbers of animals in game parks and interesting cultures that can be best understood by going for community tours/ cultural tours. Africa is a breathtaking place to travel through and when you explore it, you will fall in love. Plan to travel to one or more of the great safari destinations; Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. For bookings, send us an email on or speak to our travel consultants through +256-700135510/ +256-414699459.