Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Safari Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked country in the African Great lakes region and also lies within the Nile basin with a diverse and generally adapted equatorial climate throughout the year. Uganda is a natural beauty and geographically  on a flat plateau with an altitude of above 900m. Uganda hits well above her weight with Lake Victoria the second largest freshwater body in the world and the main reservoir of the world’s longest ancient river, Nile on the southern end along with its hidden Ssese archipelago. The Mountain of the Moon, (Rwenzori) Africa’s 3rd largest and highest mountain range in the western rim of the great Rift valley. There are so many reasons why you should book a safari in Uganda but er have highlighted out the top ten.


Among the 10 reasons as to why you should safari Uganda is Bwindi Impenetrable national park, the home of the highest number of these endangered primates in the whole world which is found in the south western part of the country. It has over 500 of the 900 mountain gorillas that are remaining worldwide making it so easy for them to be accessed easily in Uganda than the rest of the countries like Congo and Rwanda that share the remaining 400. It inhabits 11 gorilla groups or families that can be trekked by tourists during the exciting activity of gorilla trekking. Besides endangered mountain gorillas, the impenetrable forest is also a home to a number of other mammals like colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, baboons, different bird species, butterflies among others. Therefore, no excuse but a reason for the primate lovers to visit Uganda.


More interesting reasons as to why you should safari Uganda is the affordability and the standards of living being cheaper in Uganda than elsewhere in Africa especially when you are taking up a primate safari. In Uganda a gorilla permit is on a standard rate of USD 700 not forgetting the excellent chances of seeing the endangered primates during the trek while in Rwanda where their chances of being missed is so high during the trek, they charge USD 1,500. Besides the permit, the accommodation or lodges both in the park and outside are rated from luxury, mid-range and budget which makes life so comfortable for a visitor. So, for that fact, you have all the reasons to visit Uganda.


Another amazing reason you should book a Uganda safari adventure is the exciting chimpanzee trekking. These primates are said to be cousins of man because of their 95.5% percentage of humanity DNA in them are highly found in Uganda, Kibale national park. Out of the 4950 chimpanzees that are said to be in Uganda, Kibale forest national park holds about 2000 primates which isn’t the case elsewhere within and outside Uganda. This makes chimpanzee trekking very interesting because the chances to see these primates is excellent during the 1hr walk deep in the forest. Beside these exciting primates, Kibale national park is also blessed with a variety of diurnal monkeys, colobus monkeys, red tailed monkeys, antelopes, baboons among others. Therefore, for this reason, you can freely visit Uganda anytime throughout the year.


Uganda has a great diversity of different habitats which include woodland, tropical rainforest, freshwater lakes, swamps, mountains, hills and savanna with dispersed clusters of trees. Uganda is recorded to be having about 4,500 vascular plant species including 110 species with ferns, the deciduous woodland, bamboo thickets and wooded grassland on the plains and lower sides of the mountain. With the fauna, Uganda has started as a flashpoint for biodiversity. Some 1020 species of birds have been recorded in the country, around half of the total number found in Africa along with 345 species of mammals, over 142 species of reptile, 501 species of fish, 1,242 species of butterfly and 86 species of amphibian. So, it’s obvious that your morning game drive in the park would be excellent and highly rewarded. With this fact, you have all the reasons to visit Uganda throughout the year.


Uganda has near perfect weather which is perfectly and largely tropical with 2 rainy and sunny or dry seasons throughout the year. From March- May then September – December being rainy seasons and December- February then June- July being sunny with temperatures between 16-28 degrees. The climate and weather of Uganda are determined by the different factors like, her location on the Equator, her topography, an elevated plateau, Lake Victoria the largest lake in Africa which affects the weather patterns greatly, high mountains, hills. What makes it wonderful is even during the rainy seasons, the sun still comes out every day as it is during the hot or sunny seasons, it doesn’t stop it from raining. There is slight fluctuation in the temperatures because there is no actual winter or summer, generally temperatures are enjoyable, it’s always warm and rarely hot, cool and cold which isn’t the case elsewhere in Africa. Therefore, based on this reason, you should visit Uganda.


Uganda’s geographical location in the Great Rift Valley and across the Equator plus her several perfect wildlife habitats like highlands, woodlands, mountains, tropical rainforests, savanna and climate make her an ideal destination for birding. It is recorded that the pearl of Africa is a home to over 1000 astonishing bird species which makes up 50% of the bird species in Africa and 11% of the bird species in the whole world. The bird species in Uganda are both migrates and breeding birds and they include, African white backed vulture, Madagascar pond heron, blue swallow, Karamoja Apalis, Entebbe Weaver, Ground-Thrush, Blue headed sunbird, Archer’s Robin Chat, the fox’s weaver, Corncrake, Black faced Apalis among other.

Although birding can easily be done from almost every part of the country, there are major and favorite spots for the birding activity that will make your experience remarkable and these include; Queen Elizabeth national park, Mabamba Bay Wetland, Murchison Falls national park, Bwindi impenetrable Forest national park, Semuliki national park and many others. Therefore, for the bird lovers, you have more than a reason to visit Uganda.


Besides the diverse wildlife, calm weather, and various bird species, Uganda is a stew pot for the rich and diverse untapped culture and heritage which is another reason why you should visit. The culture of Uganda is composed of various ethnic groups like Bantu who dominate much of the central, southern Africa and the East and they include Baganda, Batooro, Basoga, Bakiga among others as the Nilotics occupy the northern part. It’s recorded that Uganda has over 56 languages with exceptional customs and traditions which are highly respected and maintained by the respective people. The many different cultures are described by dance and drama along with ceremonies, passage rites, marriages, initiations, circumcision on the side of the Bagishu, birth rites and many others which are held with high respect in all cultures and they are carried out differently. Therefore, with the culture diversity of Uganda, you have all the reasons to visit Uganda and have all your questions answered.


Another reason why you should book a safari in Uganda is because of the numerous historical sites in the country with different interesting backgrounds and stories about them. Due to the authentic cultural encounters in Uganda, every tribe or culture has its historical site like in the central, the Baganda have Kasubi tombs, the burial grounds for the kabaka and other members of the royal family. Traditionally, the body of the deceased king and his jawbone were buried in different shrines because they believe that the jawbone contains the king’s soul. There are four royal tombs of the kabakas of Buganda in this site, for kabaka Muteesa 1 who died 1884, kabaka Mwanga ii 1903, kabaka Daudi Chwa ii 1939 and Sir Edward Muteesa ii 1969. Besides the Buganda kingdom, the Bunyoro kingdom also has the tunnels the Bunyoro forces built during the fight against the British Colonialists, the Batwa trails in the south western part of Uganda, Namungogo Martyrs shrine and museum in the capital of Uganda Kampala where the young men of Buganda were burnt to death because of their Christianity faith which was considered as betrayal to kabaka Mwanga to mention but the few. Therefore with all these historical sites, you have better reasons to visit Uganda.


Uganda is recorded as the friendliest country in Africa and basing on Winston Churchill’s major reasons for calling Uganda the “pearl of Africa” in his book, My African journey, where he said, “The kingdom of Uganda is a fairy tale, the scenery is different, the climate is different and most of all, the people are different from anything elsewhere to be seen in the whole range of Africa,” this is more proof that Ugandans are very welcoming a good reason for visiting Uganda.  Due to the strong love for culture, Ugandans are very welcoming because hospitality is intensely deep-rooted in Ugandan cultures so they are left with no choice but to be loving and very welcoming. This is taught and emphasized at the tender age where girls are taught to kneel while greeting as a sign of respect and love and boys as well are told and punished to humble themselves while greeting. You can’t find this elsewhere in Africa because most countries consider kneeling as a punishment and yet in Uganda, it’s a sign of love and respect. Prepare for the warm endless smiles and interactions as soon as you step on the blessed land of the pearl of Africa. Therefore, taking this fact, you now have all the reasons to visit Uganda.


Another appealing reason why you should visit Uganda is the Nile perch spot fishing. A Nile perch also known as African snook, Goliath barramundi, Giant lates, Victoria perch which is very confusing because it’s not a native of Victoria is a species of freshwater in the family of ladidae and it is extensively spread in the African fresh water including Lake Victoria, and it is an innate of Congo basin, Volta, Nile, Senegal, Lake Turkana, Niger and Lake Chad. It was introduced in Lake Victoria in 1950’s with the hopes of improving the fish species which turned out to be a disadvantage because the Nile perch is a voracious predator and it affected many native species including Tilapia but it has as well been of great importance to both the country’s economy because Nile perch fillet is exported to Europe and the natives as well earn a living.

Spot fishing is one of the stress-free tourism activities and the fact that Uganda is blessed with a number of fresh water bodies like Lake Victoria the largest in Africa, Nile perch is one of the commonest fish species that can be caught during the activity. Spot fishing can be carried out in different places in Uganda like in Lake Mburo national park, Murchison falls national park at the edge of the falls, Queen Elizabeth national park among others. So, for the fishers, there is no better reason than this for you to visit Uganda.

In Conclusion, Uganda has so many reasons why you should visit her besides the top 10 listed ones. Words can’t express it right but the better way is to come and prove Winston Churchill right or wrong for referring to Uganda as the “Pearl of Africa”. To book a safari in Uganda today, simply get in touch with us by sending an email to or call us on +256-700135510 to speak directy to our reservations team.

By Gloria Nalubega