Top Things To Consider When Planning a Family Safari

National park game drves

Choosing to travel to Africa as a family is one of the most transformational things to experience on this planet. It means a lot for every member as it so exciting to discover this “dark continent” together, explore, learn real facts about it and get lifelong memories at the adventurous destinations.

Looking forward to travelling to Uganda with your family this season? It is popularly known as “the Pearl of Africa” and a preferred African safari destination with a number of activities suitable for family tours. You and your loved ones can engage in the most exciting safari activities such as gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, boat cruises, whitewater rafting, game drives and city tours among others.

Perhaps you are wondering where to start from to prepare for this trip… in this article, find the tips for planning a Uganda family safari adventure;

Start planning for your safari early enough

A family safari is not something you will rush to arrange in a week or less as it requires booking for the right lodge rooms, means of transport and some permits that need prior booking. Sometimes, you need to select and communicate in advance the kinds of food to prepare for the kids. Also, the long road trips and some activities require you to prepare your bodies by doing some physical exercise.

Choose a family friendly destination

Although Uganda is a fascinating family safari destination, some places may not fit and be fun for every member of the family. So you are advised to select something that will suit everyone. Family friendly destinations in Uganda are Murchison falls national park, Lake Mburo national park and Queen Elizabeth national park with activities to do including game drives and boat cruise, Bwindi impenetrable national park for gorilla trekking and Kibale for chimpanzee tracking.

Consider children’s age when planning

Kids of all ages can be excited at wildlife but it is the elementary-school-aged children who will fully appreciate the experience of driving around the plains while spotting various sightings. Generally, a Uganda safari is best for children about 5 years and above.

In addition, most safari activities in Uganda welcome children but there are those that have age restrictions, they include gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, hiking and mountain climbing. Also inquire about age restrictions and special arrangements for accommodation in safari lodges.

Consider each family member’s abilities and interests

Each member of the family knows their people best. When planning for the safari, ensure to consider both their physical abilities and and likes. Uganda has something for everyone. While booking for your safari, let your tour operator know your interests. This will help them customize your itinerary and organize specific safari guides for you.

Best time of the year to travel

Uganda is an all year safari destination. However, when travelling with kids, it is advisable to travel during the dry season (December-February and June -September) when there is no or little rainfall. During the dry season, tour activities go on quite easier than the wet season where some activities become strenuous and dirt roads can get rough and sometimes impassable.

However, most travelers also plan for family trips during school vacation and winter season.

Ideal car for family road trip

A safari is not something that every car can do, there are specific car types that are customized for Africa roadtrips. And while choosing one, you will consider the aspect of family; how many you are and the best car to accommodate you all and your luggage. The best family cars for safari in Uganda include the Extended land cruiser, Land cruiser Prado, Toyota super custom, Safari van and a Rav4. These will offer comfort on long road trips plus the best wildlife viewing experiences.

Uganda is a fabulous choice for a family safari vacation and many have had great experiences there. Plan for your family with the help of this article to get the best on your trip. For any inquiries, contact us through or call the reservations desk on +256-700135510/ +256-414699459.