10 Exciting Activities to do When on Tour in Jinja City

Situated about 80km from Kampala city, Jinja is the second busiest town in Uganda. It was christened the “Adventure capital of East Africa” which is a perfect name due to the thrilling variety of activities to enjoy when on tour around this place. Whether you are seeking adventure or relaxation, Jinja has something very impressive for you. The town is an enjoyable destination for adventure and business travelers plus students and those seeking leisure.

The River Nile is the world’s longest river with its source found in Jinja, the Nile offers opportunities for various actiivities suited for adventure as wellas leisure seekers and we presnet to you the top 10 activities youo have to add to your list when you tour Jinja city this season.

Whitewater rafting

River Nile is one of the best places for whitewater rafting in the world. Explore it in Uganda by taking on its rapids that go up to grade 4 & 5 perfect for rafting experts and lower grades for learners. Rafting at the Nile in jinja gives thrills as you get wet when going through the rapids. It is an unforgettable experience of adventure on your holiday.  

Bungee jumping

This is an activity only for the brave hearted people that can face their adrenaline rush. Jump from a platform about 44m above the River Nile. Bungee jumping can be done in many other places in the world but doing it at the historical and world’s popular river Nile is another experience.

Sunset boat cruise

The sunset launch cruise at jinja is a special arrangement for tourists that wish to have a wonderful time of about 2 hours to watch the sun setting over Lake Victoria. The magical launch cruise takes you to breathtaking spots that are perfect to watch the sunset.  

Jet boating

Take a jet ride on the Nile to explore the rapids while having fun on the river. It races at a speed of 90km per hour, whirling and turning several times through the rapids to get you to ultimate adventure. People on the jet ride are in the hands of an expert pilot who is familiar with the river. It is enjoyable and safe.


You sit in a narrow colorful boat alone, it is fastened around your waist and you are given a double blade paddle then go on to explore the Victoria Nile. The river meanders through flourishing forested islands and goes on forming some of the most beautiful sites here. The thunderous rapids spin you towards the cool pools of water ahead where you enjoy the warm equatorial sunshine. Lessons for first time paddlers are available on request. Don’t miss kayaking on the Nile on your Uganda safari.

Quad biking

After the briefing and short training of about 30 minutes on how to use quad bikes, participants set off for the 1-4 hours adventurous experience. Follow the lead biker to the countryside to explore local communities. Here you will meet kids and a number of people carrying on their daily activities. Quad biking also gives an opportunity to sightsee the banks of river Nile.

Horse riding

On the back of a horse, you can get around the river banks of the Nile and villages in this paart of jinja. You can go up to the hills that offer breathtaking views of the Nile valley. Enjoy the ride through tea plantations and sugar plantations. Horse back riding at jinja is a guided activity and safe for tourists.

Mountain biking

Jinja is one of the places in Uganda where you can take a biking tour to discover more of the treasures of Uganda. Ride with an experienced guide who will also help you on other issues regarding the bike in case any. He guides you through villages at the banks of the Nile and beyond to other rural areas of the countryside.

Visit the source of the Nile

The first European to discover the source of the Nile- John Hanning Speke made this site popular to the world. It is an internationally unique attraction and also historical place worth a visit. To see the exact source of the Nile, take a boat and cruise on the river to Lake Victoria.

Sport fishing

Uganda’s waterbodies are blessed with lots of fish and various fish species including the Nile perch and tilapia which is the commonest catch. Take a boat ride on the Nile and go for sport fishing to try out your fishing skills.

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