5 Reasons Why You Should Trek Gorillas In Uganda

Gorilla trekking is one of the fascinating natural wonders in world that has attracted many travelers across the world. This thrilling adventure activity gives you an opportunity to get close encounter with the Mountain gorillas in their natural environment. It is important to note that there are about 880 estimated Mountain gorilla species in world. You encounter these beautiful creatures only in the central Africa’s Virunga volcanic ranges which are shared by Uganda in either Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, in volcanoes National  park of Rwanda and in Virunga National park of DR. Congo. Although, Uganda, Rwanda and Congo host the Mountain gorillas, it is paramount to note that Uganda offers a safe, unique and affordable gorilla trekking experience compared to the Rwanda and the DR.Congo. Here below we, present you 5 astounding reasons why you should  trek gorillas in Uganda;

Uganda  is home to the highest number of Mountain gorillas population

Uganda’s safari parks( Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga gorilla National Park) features almost half than half of remaining mountain gorilla population the entire world’s.  there are over 500 mountain gorilla individuals surviving in Bwindi forest and Mgahinga national park although this park hosts a few members. On this note, there about 21 habituated gorilla families in Uganda thus chances of locating the gorilla family is 100% in Bwindi forest. Whether you choose to trek the mountain gorillas in Bwindi forest or Mgahinga national park, each of these safari destinations offers travelers a unique lifetime adventure and long lasting memories. Every day, over 100 tourists have the opportunity to go for a real trek to search for these mountain gorillas and get to see them in impressive groups of not less than 8 individuals.

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gorilla trekking in Uganda

Gorilla tracking in Uganda is safe and cheaper/ affordable

However the fact that gorilla trekking satisfaction in the three countries seems to be the same in the end. Uganda is beyond a better destination since the price of a gorilla permit is affordable as in pocket friendly to almost all travelers, Uganda sell this experience at a cheaper price of only $700 per person per single trek compared to Rwanda that offers only  luxury gorilla permits at $1500 per person per single trek. In Uganda, we also offer discounted gorilla safaris in the low seasons of April, May and November which are considered the low season and this is something that Rwanda does not offer thus making Uganda the ideal safari destination for all travelers including budget travelers. Whilst Congo offers the cheapest rates gorilla permits year round, she is not a safe safari destination for tourists due to the ongoing instability in various of the country. Safety for a the life of any traveler is among the star factors to consider when planning any safari in foreign destination like Africa. You don’t need to worry about where to stay on a gorilla tour in Uganda, there is a wide range of lodges and camps with in and outside the gorilla trekking sectors of Bwindi forest and Mgahinga national park, the accommodation ranges from budget, midrange and luxury options and these tend to determine the final price of a gorilla safari in Uganda.

Uganda is a safe  and hospitable place for all travelers

Many people come to Uganda every year for various purposes like for business, tourism, leisure, among others and many of them arrive safely, enjoy a safe  stay until they go back home. You can travel to Uganda any time of the year and grab a chance to enjoy a safe and comfortable roadtrip as you explore the stunning attractions her motherland. Ugandan hosts hospitable people in the whole world, they are so friendly and welcoming right away from the time of arrival at the airport, the guides on a safari offer you assistance whenever you need it and the kids enjoy waving as you pass by which is a sigh of hospitality.

Uganda  offers  gorilla habituation experience

Why You Need to See Africa's Mountain Gorillas in Uganda
gorilla habituation in Uganda

Besides the gorilla tracking, Uganda is the only place you get chance to enjoy the gorilla habituation experience. Gorilla habituation is the process aimed to tame the Mountain gorillas get used to the presence of humans before  they are made ready for gorilla trekking safaris. It is gives travelers to spend about 4 hours with a group together with the researchers and ranger guides. It is organized just in the same way as the chimpanzee habituation experience in Kibale National Park and golden monkey habituation in Mgahinga National Park. This kind of adventure is only offered in Uganda which makes her a unique gorilla safari destination compared to others countries like Rwanda and Congo. With gorilla habituation, expect to spend the whole day with the mountain gorillas, moving around with them from the time they wake up until late  evening when they go back to their nests. The main reason for doing is to train the Mountain gorillas get used to human presence and also you can see how they care and protect each others in their families.  Whilst gorilla trekking is best done during the dry season which is at the same time the peak season, gorilla habituation is done during the low seasons that come in April and November.

Assured close encounter with Mountain gorillas

Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda offers travelers an amazing experience to get to close encounter with Mountain gorillas in their natural environment. On your gorilla trek in uganda, you enjoy watching the gorilla families wondering around and feeding from the bushes surrounding your accommodation lodges facilities in Bwindi forest especially in the Eastern part of the park. This is an opportunity you have to get close to the mountain gorillas thus get chance groove on them as they get out of their comfort zones, the jungle.

Fly in gorilla safari experience

Besides the long distance roadtrip from Entebbe airport to Bwindi forest which takes about 10 hours drive, you can fly in from kigali Rwanda and then drive from Kigali airport, to cross the border into Uganda to Bwindi impenetrable forest situated in the south western part of Uganda and enjoy the lifetime experience in the Pearl of Africa. The drive takes only 3-4 hours to enter the southern sector of Bwindi and you can also return to Kigali and fly out after the adventure.

With all being said, think no other to trek the Mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park in Uganda and trust me you wont regret the unique long lasting memories. For more information about booking gorilla safaris in Uganda, contact us on info@ugandasafaribookings.com or call us now on +256-700135510 to reserve your safari now.