Best Route to Murchison Falls Park On A Self Drive Tour

Among the most visited safari park in Uganda, Murchison Falls National Park is the oldest and largest safari park in Uganda covering an area of about 1483 square kilometer. It is one of the fascinating safari destination that is under the Management of the Uganda Wildlife Authority(UWA) – a governmental body responsible for all the protracted areas in Uganda. With us here at Mumwe Global Safaris, book a car and to explore the mesmerizing landscapes of Murchison falls National Park. The beautiful park is bisected by Victoria Nile forming the northern and southern sections of the park. You can choose to hire a self  self drive or chauffeur driven Vehicle and get an opportunity to enjoy the exciting tourist attractions situated in both sectors.

Location of Murchison Falls National park

Murchison falls National Park is located in the north western part of Uganda, the park extends its boundaries on the banks of lake Albert. A tour to this safari park offers you chance to enjoy scenic views of the Victoria Nile as well as all over the beautiful Karuma Falls. Murchison falls National Park is strategically located close to the Kampala Gulu Highway. However, you can get to Murchison park using many different routes depending on your location in the country.  While on a self drive safari to the park, it takes you about 5-6 hours to enter the park, covering a distance of about 305 kilometers. Along the way delight in a chance to explore the Pearl of Africa beauty.

Here at Mumwe Global Safaris Uganda, we offer a wide range of 4×4 station wagon vehicles that are suitable for a self drive safari. Our safari vehicle are strong enough with the ability to withstand all rough road conditions. Our safari vehicles are well equipped featuring an air Conditioning system, a pop up or sliding roofs and windows to allows you clear game viewing, battery recharging facilities  among others. when you book with us your safari vehicle to the amazing Murchison falls National Park, all our vehicles come with an added benefit that complements on your safari experience in Uganda such as compressive insurance, a stand by vehicle incase of an emergence among others.

Although you can get to Murchison falls  via various routes from Kampala or Entebbe , the perfect route to the Park depends on where you are coming  from. Here are some of the different optional routes that take you to the park.

However we advise you to consider hiring a 4×4 safari vehicle which is a perfect ideal option for a self-drive safari to Murchison falls. This is because the park is located in remote areas therefore get ready to drive on the loose surface roads with in the park and this greatly affects the duration of arrival in the park.

The distance covered on your self drive depends on which section of the park you would love to adventure. The southern route leads you Paraa region while as the northern route leads you to Chobe Safari Lodge.

The route from Kampala via Masindi Town and then enter the park

The Masindi route takes you through the southern section of the park and here you opt to use two different park entrance route. With a chauffeur driven safari vehicle you can choose to go through the Kichumbanyobo Entrance gate driving Pabidi forest and this is about 85 kilometers from Masindi.

Alternatively  for a rewarding unique adventure, delight in a self drive that takes you to the Bugungu entrance gate. Here you get an insight to get lost in the glimpse sight of the scenic Budongo forest allowing you to enjoy the breathtaking scenic beauty of Budongo forest, spectacular views of the rift valley escarpment as well as the Congo mountain ranges thus making the long ride extremely rewarding.

The Route from Kampala via Karuma falls

This route takes you to the northern region of the park and to enter the park, you go through various gates such as; the Tangi gate, Wankwar gate or Mubako gate. You can only go through these gates if you choose to take the Kampala – Pakwach Highway. This route takes you through the River Nile at Karuma falls bridge which is the famous best power station that is constructed along the Karuma falls. From Kidepo valley national park, the northern route is the perfect option for travelers coming from Gulu city. On your self drive vehicle, go through the above northern gates and trust me you wont regret the signatures of memories.

The other alternatives you can choose to fly to Murchison falls National Park using a charted flight. From Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi Airstrip, jump on a scheduled chartered flight to the park landing in either Pakuba Airstrip in the southern section of the park. Upon landing enjoy a road transfer drive to your booked lodge. You can as well  land at Chobe airstrip, here you are welcomed by Chobe safari lodge situated in the northern section of the park on the shores of the Victoria Nile.

To book with us a self drive safari to Murchison falls national park, contact our travel experts to assist you arrange a life time dream safari to Murchison falls National Park. Our team is knowledgeable about all the unique  rewarding routes to the park that can offer an extremely thrilling a self drive safari or a chauffeur driven safari to the park. Contact us on at or directly call the reservations team on +256-700135510 or Tel +256-414699459.