Tips for a Safe African Safari on Self Drive

-Travel enthusiasts dreaming to explore great destinations in Africa could sometimes wonder if it is safe to take on a self drive safari. And yes, African safari destinations are safe for all travelers, whether you are on a guided safari or self driving. Countries like Uganda and Rwanda among others are growing at a relatively faster rate in regards to tourism and travelers’ security and safety are a priority. Although some people around the world still have stereotypes about Africa because of the many years past experiences, Africans today are amazingly welcoming people. Take on your trip and witness this!

If you are planning for a self drive safari in Uganda and wondering how you can stay safe, here are tips that will help you get a smooth and remarkable experience free from distractions and inconveniencing incidents.

Do not drive off track

While driving within any national park or game reserve, you are advised not to drive off designated tracks for this is one of the rules by park authorities. It does not matter whether you see only yourself around, but endeavor to keep this rule because breaking it will lead to huge fines.

Avoid over speeding

Regardless of where you are driving from, whether off-road or on the main roads, remember that over speeding should not be the solution to getting to your destination on time. Instead, start the journey early enough, drive at a recommended speed and arrive at your next destination safe. While in the park, obey the speed limit on the posts, this helps to avoid accidents especially associated with knocking animals.

Do not provoke the wildlife

When you come across wildlife in or outside wildlife reserves, please do not provoke them. If they have blocked the way, simply be patient and wait until they move. Do not hoot or shout or force them out of the way. Also, remain in your car until you get gap to resume the ride.   

Don’t get close to wildlife

Some wild animals such as antelopes, giraffes and many others may look calm but never consider this while you are in the wild. All wild animals are never friendly and can cause a terrible incident any time. You may only think of mainly the common animals known to be harsh and destructive such as elephants, buffaloes, lion, leopard and crocodile among others but every wild animal has never been friendly and can hurt you instantly.

Move with a ranger guide when going to very remote destinations

Self drive tours are on the rise and are one of the best ways most adventures want to explore the continent. As you go out there on the wheel by yourself, you will need to hire a ranger guide to some areas especially locations where you can easily get lost because tracks in game reserves look so alike.

Don’t keep food in the tent when camping

You will enjoy staring at wild animals at a distance but it is another heck when they encroach your temporary territories and get your stuff disorganized. Various kinds of foods attract wild animals by their scent, for example pineapple highly attract elephants, banana attract primates especially baboon and monkey. Any food should not be kept in your tent while banana and other attractive foods and other stuff not near the windscreen.  

Stay in your safari car while in the park

As the name goes, wildlife reserves or game parks are homes to wild animals. While in their territories, do not move out of your car. Animals of the parks are known to camouflage in the environment. It is possible for predators such as leopard, hyena and lion to appear from the blues as you enjoy the whispers of the wild from out of the vehicle. You can step out of the car at designated places which also often have other people there.

With the above tips to guide you stay safe during your self drive safari, plan for your trip today. We boast high car rental services in Uganda and Rwanda plus well planned safari tours. For more information or inquires, contact us through or call us directly on +256-700135510/ +256-414699459 to speak directly to our reservation personnel.