Why You Should Visit Jinja This Season

Some of Uganda’s best wonders are found in Jinja and you can consider visiting this city for a memorable time as a solo traveler, family or group. Jinja is nicknamed the “adventure capital of East Africa” and this is so because it offers a  variety of incredible activities for adventure, leisure, business and exploration travel. It has it all that a tourist is looking for the best treat on a Uganda safari and is one of our top places recommended on tours.

If you were still looking for places to add to your bucket list for your Uganda safari, here are the reasons we advise you to visit Jinja on your upcoming holiday.

Go whitewater rafting

The Nile is named among the best places for whitewater rafting in Africa and this activity is done in Jinja where the river starts its journey to the Mediterranean. The river has thrilling rapids up to grade 5 for the expert rafters. They take you hitting the waters as you find your way to the finishing point and the whole experience is extremely adventurous.

Paddle the kayak on the Nile

Among the great adventures you must not miss on the Nile is “paddling the kayak”! this sport allows you to sit in the canoe-like boat alone, pick up your paddle and face the Nile. The trip takes you discovering the beautiful locations of the peninsular like areas of the Nile where tourists get the best experience of the adventure.

Explore the Nile banks on a horse

The banks of river Nile are worth exploring and this can best be done on a horse. Visitors take a horse ride and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding as they also come across a number of locals who give a better touch of the experience as they offer hospitality to them.

Visit remote Jinja on a quad bike

Quad biking in jinja more of ecotouring the area. It takes visitors upclose the community by riding through villages via local homes and farms. They come across residents carrying on their daily work incluidng farming and other activites. Riders also meet childresn who often give beautiful smiles and wave at them. 

Tubing on the Nile

Tubing the Nile is a new activity in Jinja and this takes adventurers floating on the calm waters of the river. You will sit on an inflated rubber ring that keeps you on top of the water at the shoreline. Tubing the Nile is a leisure sport that allows you relax on the cool water. This is another adventure worth trying out by organizing a trip to Jinja. 

Learn more about uganda by visiting historical sites

Jinja presents a number of historical and architectural sites which hold interesting stories about uganda and east Africa. The historical and architectural trip will take you to sites including the Owen falls dam, the Speke Monument and the Jinja town hall among others. This visit will help you learn alot about the region and country.

Traverse the Nile on a jet boat

Visit Jinja and get a thrill of riding on the Nile at an amazing speed that will get you and your loved ones excited so highly. You will sit with your family or friends and race through rapids at a speed of 90 km/hr, turning and spinning at 360 degrees. This sport offers life time memories and is worth going for in Jinja.

To Enjoy the sunset boat cruise

Nothing is more beautiful than an African sunset cruise more so one on the Nile that comes with the tasty Ugandan foods and the cool drink. The boat cruise exposes you to the lovely sunset but also offers more beautiful things like the birds, scenic landscape and great stories.

Go for bungee jumping

In uganda, bungee jumping occurs only on the source of the Nile in Jinja. The participant jumps from a platform about 44m above, where their legs are fastened by a cord, down to the Nile waters. Leaping over these waters at this site so thrilling. The adventure is not for the faint hearted.

At Mumwe Safaris Uganda, we posses high knowledge and have expertise in Jinja tours which have got tourists enjoying their uganda safaris beyond their expectations. The above activities and more are the reasons we want you to travel to Jinja and discover the beauty of ugadna. Book for your tour today through info@ugandasafaribookings.com or call us now on +256-700135510 to speakn with the reservations team.